Are Grackles (black birds) Invading Your Bird Feeders?

Spring and summer can be exciting months for backyard bird feeding for several reasons. Many adults will bring their young to the feeders. We can enjoy the birds from our decks and patios instead of from behind closed, frost covered windows. But this time of year backyard bird feeders can become over-run with blackbirds, the Common Grackle. Don’t let the Grackles ruin your summer bird feeding enjoyment. Ask the staff at Wild Bird Habitat how to reduce or eliminate these boisterous marauders.

Safflower Seed & Nutra-Saff Safflower Seed
Disliked by 99.9% of squirrels, and not a favorite of blackbirds, the Common Grackle. Enjoyed by Cardinals Jays and others on an open platform bird feeder. Doves and other ground feeders on a ground feeder bird feeder.

Caged Seed Tube Bird Feeders
Caged seed tube bird feeders thwart unwanted birds such as European Starlings, Common Grackles, even squirrels, those agile daylight robbers. Recommended seed is hulled sunflower seed or medium hulled sunflower seeds. Chickadees, finches, nuthatches, and all the woodpeckers feed unobstructed with ease.

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