Attractor Suet Plugs

Attractor Plugs are specially made from high quality non-rendered beef suet with a nutritional supplement of essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and protein added to ensure healthy birds and keep them coming back for more.  Don't be tricked into buying cheap imitation plugs that may feed birds to death because they are not full of vitamins and minerals birds need.

Available in 4 nutritious flavors.

Pure / Roasted Peanut / No-Melt Peanut Butter / Sunflower Hearts

Attractor Suet Logs

 The Woodpecker Suet Log feeder is as individual as the birds it will feed. All Woodpecker Suet Log feeders are made from recycled trees cut from forest fire areas.  5% of the profits from the sale of the Woodpecker Suet Log is donated to wild birds and their habitats.

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