Birds Choice Recycled Hopper Feeders

These bird feeders, built with poly-lumber proudly made from recycled plastic and milk jugs, carry a lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade. They are constructed with stainless steel screws. Our recycled products have fully routed edges, aluminum rust-resistant hinges and thick heavy-duty acrylic panels. The patented removable seed tray in hoppers and platform feeders provide excellent drainage to keep the seed dry and makes it easy to keep the feeders clean. Made in the USA

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Recycled 1.5 Quart Bird Feeder

Recycled 1.5 Quart Bird Feeder

Regular price:$59.95
Sales Price:$55.95
Price / kg:

Recycled 4 Quart Bird Feeder

Regular price:$81.95
Sales Price:$74.95
Price / kg:

Recycled 7 Quart Bird Feeder

Regular price:$99.95
Sales Price:$93.95
Price / kg:
Recycled 3 Quart. 4-Sided Bird Feeder

Recycled 3 Quart. 4-Sided Bird Feeder

Regular price:$94.95
Sales Price:$86.95
Price / kg:

Recycled 4 Quart Bird Feeder w/Suet Cages

Regular price:$87.95
Sales Price:$81.95
Price / kg:

Recycled Double Decker Hopper Platform

Regular price:$137.95
Sales Price:$126.95
Price / kg:

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