Attractor Woodpecker Upside-Down Suet Log w/Suet

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Upside-Down Suet Log
The original upside-down suet log!
All of Wild Bird Habitat's woodpecker  "Attractor Suet Logs" are made from recycled trees recovered from forest fire areas. They come pre-filled with Attractor-nutritional suet plugs. This "Upside-Down Suet Log is totally Starling proof allowing only woodpeckers and other clinging birds, such as nuthatches and Chickadees, to feed undisturbed.
Holds three "Attractor suet plugs.
Comes pre-filled with suet plugs.

Replacement plugs available:

Attractor Replacement Plugs

About Attractor Suet Logs & Suet Plugs


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