NutraSaff 10lb. Bag

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NutraSaff Safflower Seed
Attracts the bird you want.
Eliminates squirrels and black birds from the feeders.
Safflower seed has been the choice of backyard birders for attracting Cardinals, Chickadees, House Finch, and other desirable birds while detering squirrels and the Common Grackle from raiding the bird feeder, driving off all the others. Now, with the introduction of NutraSaff, it has grown even more popular. NutraSaff is higher in protein for the birds, with less mess on the ground to clean up than with traditional safflower seed. Also referred to as "golden safflower" because of the thin golden brown hull.
  • NutraSaff has 15% more oil content
  • NutraSaff has 25% higher protien than traditional safflower
  • NutraSaff has 30% higher fat content (energy) than traditional safflower
  • All NutraSaff is a certified organic, "chemical free" feed

Scientists in the world's largest safflower breeding program developed Nutra-Saff especially for bird feed markets. Preliminary findings show birds prefer Nutra-Saff to traditional safflower 2:1. 
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