Out-Witting Squirrels and Blackbirds

How To Discourage Squirrels And Black Birds At The Bird Feeder when all else fails…use Safflower seed I have been in the bird feeding industry for 16 years, operating a wild bird specialty store. Two of the most common complaints I hear from customers who enjoy feeding birds are is that squirrels are raiding the…

Aspects Bird Feeder Lifetime Guarantee

At Aspects our Lifetime Guarantee is simple and absolute. We stand behind our products. We use the best materials available to ensure our customers, and the birds they feed, years of enjoyment. If at any time, your feeder fails due to defects in material or workmanship, we will repair or replace it, at our option….

Nyjer Thistle Tube Bird Feeder

Nyjer Thistle Tube Bird Feeder A very specialized feeder for Nyjer thistle or finch mixes which primarily attracts birds of the finch family such as Goldfinch, House Finch, Purple Finch and Pine Siskin. Indigo Buntings will feed on these feeders if those birds are in your area. A tube feeder that is designed for feeding…

Seed Tube Bird Feeder

Seed Tube Bird Feeders Open port seed  tube bird feeders are considered exclusive bird feeders meaning, they exclude many larger birds. These feeders primarily attract a variety of smaller birds. However, when a seed saver tray is added, it will allow larger birds a place to perch and feed. Exclusive bird feeder. Excludes larger birds….