Brome Plus Features

  • Guaranteed squirrel and Large Bird Proof.
  • Effective against Red and Gray squirrels, as well as Grackles, starlings, Doves, etc.
  • Dishwasher safe Design.
  • Easily cleans to maintain a safe and healthy feeder.
  • Built-to-Last Construction.
  • UV-stabilized ABs and polycarbonate resins, rust-proof / powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel components.

Squirrel Buster Plus by Brome Bird Care

Dishwasher Safe Bird FeederTM
Clean feeders are as important to wild birds as clean dishes are to humans. Grimy bird feeders can be a source of illness that can be fatal for birds. With squirrel Buster PlusTM detachable components it is effortless to provide the birds you love with a safe and healthy feeder. Regular cleaning of your bird feeder is essential and should never be delayed.
spread the word about clean, safe feeders.

Seed Tube Ventilation SystemTM

Damp and decaying seed decreases bird traffic and can spread disease. Most transparent bird feeder seed tubes trap solar energy just like a greenhouse. The air in squirrel Buster PlusTM rises and escapes through patented water-proof vents at the top of the feeder. The escaping, heated air is replaced by fresh air entering through the seed ports at the bottom of the tube. The birdseed remains fresh, attracting more birds.

Perching Options Adjustable Posi-Grip PerchTM

Thick, adjustable-length perches with textured surfaces provide a secure and comfortable grip for birds.

Attract small birds such as Chickadees and Finches (while deterring larger birds like Grackles and starlings) by shortening the perches. Perches can also be extended just enough to attract medium-sized birds including Grosbeaks and Woodpeckers.


You can exclude large nuisance birds such as Grackles, starlings, and Doves by using variable length perches and the adjustable spring mechanism.

Cardinal Ring SystemTM
The squirrel Buster PlusTM can be used with or without the Cardinal Ring systemTM, an optional posi-grip ring designed especially for Cardinals. Cardinals prefer to grip a thick-textured perch and, because it’s awkward for them to turn their short necks to feed, they prefer to face their food source directly. The squirrel Buster PlusTM Cardinal Ring systemTM allows Cardinals to eat facing the seed from a secure and comfortable perch.

These Cardinal-friendly feeding features combined with a bush-level location make squirrel Buster PlusTM very inviting to our scarlet friends.

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