• It’s November and already we have seen the snows creep steadily closer with accumulations not far off. The days seem even shorter now after rolling back time earlier in the month with the light casting long dark shadows by the afternoon. The trees have become mostly barren with a few leafy blotches of gold, orange, and red desperately clinging on as if to defy the northern winds. Sweet aromas of wood fires drift lazily from chimneys filling neighborhoods. And one last glance out the window at dusk provides silhouetted images of Northern Cardinals at the bird feeders grabbing a few last minute morsels before heading to their nightly roost. The signs of winter are slowly settling in across the Great Plains.   

  • Dave of the Wild Bird Habitat Stores is publishing a series about the 7 Basic Backyard Bird Feeders. These different types of bird feeders will help you attract the largest variety of birds to your backyard. Birds have different feeding characteristics, and each of these bird feeders are designed to attract specific groups of birds. Like Wild Bird Habitat on Face Book or Follow Wild Bird Habitat on Instagram  as we continue this series.
    Watch for the next bird feeder in our series, coming soon

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