Birds Choice Cedar Hopper Feeders

Birds Choice wood bird feeders are constructed from 7/8" inland red cedar for long lasting outdoor use. Assembled with all-screwed construction using weather-resistant plated deck screws, aluminum rust-resistant hinges and thick heavy-duty acrylic panels. Fully routed edges create a smooth attractive finish on all Birds Choice feeders. Made in the USA

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WC4-300S 2

11 Quart Cedar 4-Sided Hopper

Regular price:$89.24
Sales Price:$76.73
Price / kg:

Wood Country Large 2-Sided Hopper Bird Feeder

Regular price:$72.50
Sales Price:$66.70
Price / kg:

Wood Country Medium 4-Sided Hopper Feeder

Regular price:$67.00
Sales Price:$64.95
Price / kg:

Wood Country Small 2-sided Hopper Feeder

Regular price:$46.20
Sales Price:$42.50
Price / kg:

Wood Country Tall 4-Sided Hopper Feeder (lrg)

Regular price:$83.40
Sales Price:$76.73
Price / kg:

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