Birders Choice Small Hanging Platform Bird Feeder

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Natural Cedar Hanging Tray

#WCHPF-125 : 7/8" natural cedar 11" X 10" hanging tray w/collapsible powder-coated steel rods w/stationary seed tray. This patented designed feeder is ready to hang! This patented designed feeder is ready to hang! It has collapsible polyester coated steel rods which keeps the platform hanging straight. Birds love perching on the rods and this feeder provides lots of room for hungry birds. The screen is attached in a groove. Easy to clean and fill!

  • 7/8" Inland Red Cedar for long lasting outdoor use
  • All screwed construction using weather-resistant plated deck screws
  • Fully routed edges
  • Seed tray provides excellent drainage to keep seed dry
  • Black powder-coated steel hanging rods
  • Ready to hang
  • Made in the USA by Birds Choice





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