Droll Yankee Caged Seed Tube Bird Feeder

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Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder
  • Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder
  • Extended top - makes refilling easy
  • Spring clamp - keeps dome in place and removes for cleaning
  • Sheltering dome - protects against weather
  • Stainless steel wire - long lasting and chew-proof
  • Droll Yankees tubular feeder - Best Feeder you can buy
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate tube - won't yellow with age, dependably durable
  • Coated 1½ inch openings let songbirds in, keep pesky squirrels out
  • Cage removes easily for cleaning
  • Threaded base - allows the feeder to be pole mounted
  • Sunflower cage feeder for small birds & woodpeckers
  • Prevents grackles and starlings from accessing feed
  • Effectively restricts the entrance of grey squirrels while allowing songbirds easy clearance
  • A cinch to remove for cleaning to maintain the health of the birds
    Dimensions: Length 15" / Diameter 8" / Capacity 1 lb / 4 ports

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