Nature House 12 room Martin House

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World's most popular 12 compartment purple martin house, and the safest rope lanyard elevating system on the market. Lanyard lock stops house instantly on pole if rope is dropped. Features individual doors to allow access to each compartment, roof perch for extra perching room, and guard rails to prevent nestling fall-out.This purple martin house comes with everything but the purple martin birds! MSS-12R features single railing on each floor and ends of house. Features option to easily enlarge compartments.

Made entirely in the USA.

This house includes:

  • Rope Lanyard Elevating System
  • 14' Pole and Ground Socket
  • Guard rails 

  • Rood Perch
  • Swing-out doors
  • Winter door stops
  • Dri-nest sub floors 
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Guide Book
  • Vocalization CD
  • Decoy
  • USA made
  • Toll Free Parts and Tech Support

This purple martin house comes in simple-to-assemble kit form. 

This house is 100% manufactured in Chicago Illinois with all USA made components and fully recycled aluminum. 


Simple to assemble kit form.  33 lbs. w/pole

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