Aspects Quick Clean Big Foot Seed Tube Bird Feeder

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Aspects' BIGFOOT Large Tube Bird Feeder
Aspects' BIGFOOT Seed Tube Bird Feeder features a heavy die-cast metal cap, ports, base and a clear UV stabilized polycarbonate tube. This feeder is an investment that lasts a lifetime. The BIGFOOT is available in three attractive, durable finishes/colors. A built-in seed deflector in the base allows birds to remove every last seed. The metal cap lifts and pivots easily for filling and cleaning. Add an Aspects' seed tray to attract more birds. Protect the feeder from the elements with an Aspects’ Weather Dome, or from squirrels with an Aspects' Squirrel Guard.
3 1/4 quart capacity.
6 Feeding ports.  
4" diameter tube.


Add an Aspect Seed Tray   


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