Aspects' Jewel Box Hummingbird Window Feeder

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Aspects' Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder
Hummingbirds are affectionately referred to as Nature’s Jewels because of their iridescent qualities and beauty. The Jewel Box Window Feeder allows you to bring these beautiful birds up close for viewing. The bright red cover will attract hummingbirds. Once there the HighView™ perch invites them to rest comfortably as they drink from any of three feeding ports while also offering an unobstructed view of the birds. You can use this feeder with or without the ant moat to block crawling insects. Features a generous 8 oz. capacity, sturdy polycarbonate construction, and a suction cup mounted bracket.
• Three feeding ports
 • 8 oz. capacity
• HighView perch - for unobstructed view of birds
• Deck mountable
• Detachable ant-moat - blocks crawling insects
• Hinged lid - for easy filling
• Easy to clean - dishwasher safe

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