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Wild Bird Habitat stocks 21 varieties of quality wild bird feeds. Although we do not list all wild bird feeds on line, we currently have Nutra Safflower (safflower gold), in shell peanuts, and shelled peanuts available at this time. Nutra Safflower is our most popular as blackbirds and squirrels will ignore it. Nutra Safflower does attract many of your favorite backyard birds from cardinals, nuthatches, finches, doves, and many others. However due to the high cost of shipping wild bird feeds, there is NO free shipping on wild bird feed orders of $100.00 or more as there is for other products. If you order $100 or more of any wild bird feeds we will contact you with shipping charges. Under $100 shipping charges are automatically applied when you select a shipping method. Thank you, Dave Titterington, Wild Bird Habitat Stores

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IN Shell Peanuts 10lbs.

Sales Price:$15.95
Price / kg:
IN Shell Peanuts 5lbs.

IN Shell Peanuts 5lbs.

Sales Price:$8.95
Price / kg:

NutraSaff 10lb. Bag

Sales Price:$12.50
Price / kg:

NutraSaff 5LB. Bag

Sales Price:$6.25
Price / kg:
Nyjer Thistle Seed

Nyjer Thistle Seed

Sales Price:$9.95
Price / kg:

Shelled Peanuts

Sales Price:$7.50
Price / kg:

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