Droll Yankee Hanging Squirrel Baffle

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Droll Yankee Hanging Squirrel Guard
A squirrel baffle with the quality of Droll Yankee and a Lifetime Guarantee THE SQUIRREL GUARD provides protection from both squirrels and the weather. The polycarbonate dome can be adjusted on the brass rod for use over any hanging feeder.
  • Effective over any hanging feeder
  • Brass rod - beautiful and durable
  • Dome acts as a rain guard
  • Collet technology - adjusts dome position on brass rod
  • Articulating design - weight of a squirrel displaces feeder hung beneath
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate - prevents yellowing
  • 15 Inch dome protects seed from weather and thwarts squirrels
  • Safety-lock hook secures feeder  

  • Tips for installing a squirrel baffle 

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