Droll Yankee Ring Pull Perch Rings

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Droll Yankee Ring Pull Perch Rings
  • Now you have a choice! Some birds don’t mind a straight perch while others seem to greatly prefer a platform style.
  • Super strong Polycarbonate design is easy to add or remove.
  • Providing a broader footing, the circular option lets birds face the feeder directly rather than sideways. This allows birds to make the most of their peripheral vision and keep an eye out predators.
  • Made specifically for Droll Yankees® Ring Pull™ bird feeders.
  • Convert straight Ring Pull Perches to platform perches to attract a wider variety of birds
Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 2.5
Mounting: Slide onto perch rod on Ring Pull Feeders
Construction: Polycarbate

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