C-250 Cast Aluminum Utility Bird Bath De-icer (250 Watts)

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Cast Aluminum Bird Bath De-icer (250 Watts)
The Model C-250 is truly a “Utility” de-icer. It has many potential uses. It features Farm Innovators Cast Aluminum Design, which makes it safe in any application, concrete, metal or plastic. Great for over-sized birdbaths.  It's thermostatically controlled 250 watts of power  operates only when necessary.  It can be used in any application where the container holds 25 gallons or less.  Designed for multiple uses, the element is encased in cast aluminum for durability, safety and efficiency. Safe in all types of applications. The Model C-250 is approved by Underwriters Laboratory. 
One-year warranty
UL listed
250 watts for up to 25 gallons
6 foot cord
Size: 1.25 H x 7.25 L x 5 W (inches)

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