Gilbertson PVC Bluebird Box

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Glibertson PVC Bluebird Box
Developed by Steve Gilbertson of of Minnesota, this bluebird box has withstood years of testing and successful use across the Plains states. Highly recommended by Bluebirds Across Nebraska, this is one box that truly resists house sparrows from nesting. Easy to monitor. Just slightly squeeze the PVC tube in the front and back at the same time and it releases. Slightly squeeze it again and it snaps back to the 100% 7/8 inch cedar roof. Light weight and durable, the Gilbertson PVC bluebird box is designed to fit any 1/2 inch pole.
  • High degree of house sparrow resistance while being highly desirable to bluebirds, tree swallows, chickadees and wrens.
  • Removable body minimizes premature fledging and allows easy viewing.
  • Predators cannot cling to smooth hard surface.
  • Body easily removed by squeezing top opposite pins.
  • Recessed floor admits no moisture via capillary action. Check and clear center drain hole as needed.
  • Circular drip edge and roof overhang nearly eliminates all driven rainwater into nest cavity.
  • Attractive birch appearance does not significantly fade with age.
  • Lightweight at approximately 1 1/2 lb simplifies mounting.
  • Premium cedar roof.


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