Aspect Quick-Clean Seed Tube Bird Feeder Small

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Aspects'  Quick-Clean Small Seed Tube Bird Feeder
Aspects’ Quick-Clean Small Seed Tube Feeder combines heavy die-cast metal caps, ports, bases and a clear UV stabilized polycarbonate tube to make these feeders an investment that lasts a lifetime. A built-in seed deflector in the base allows birds to remove every last seed. Redesigned feed ports on the seed tube model have a raised ridge to divert rainwater and perches are part of the seed port. Available in three distinct finishes. Add an Aspects' seed tray to attract more birds, and protect the feeder from the elements with an Aspects’ Weather Dome, or from squirrels with and Aspects' Squirrel guard
2 seed ports
3/4 quart capacity
Aspects Seed and Nyjer tubular feeders now feature a revolutionary removable base. To remove the base all you need to do is push the buttons and the base slides easily out! When a seed tray is attached to a feeder, simply remove the base for cleaning with the tray still attached. It is one easy step that makes cleaning your feeders a snap!

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