B-9 Economy Birdbath De-icer (44 Watts)

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Economical Bird Bath De-icer (44 Watts)
The Model B-9 is the industries only “Economical” Bird Bath De-icer. It is an easily affordable low watt, shallow birdbath de-icer. The perfect birdbath de-icer for the first-time buyer. Safe for plastic baths. Perfect for use beneath thin-walled ground baths. Can be used fully submerged in any pedestal-type bath.  It is uniquely constructed using a pattern heater on thermal aluminum foil. It is not thermostatically controlled. It runs from the time it is plugged-in to the time it is un-plugged, but due to its low watts, it's still an economical de-icer to use. It is fully grounded with a three-prong supply cord. Tested to -10 F.
One year manufacture warranty.
Size: 9.25 x 9.25 x 0.125 inches.

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