Nyjer Thistle Tube Bird Feeder
A very specialized feeder for Nyjer thistle or finch mixes which primarily attracts birds of the finch family such as Goldfinch, House Finch, Purple Finch and Pine Siskin. Indigo Buntings will feed on these feeders if those birds are in your area.
  • A tube feeder that is designed for feeding Nyjer thistle, a small imported seed.
  • Attracts goldfinch, house finch, pine siskin, purple finch. Indigo buntings and other finch like birds.
  • Made from a variety of materials.
    (PVC, Polycarbonate, steel, acrylic, and wood. PVC and Polycarbonate tubes usually carry a lifetime guarantee.)
  • Use Nyjer thistle or a quality finch mix.
    (Best Finch Mix: 50% Nyjer seed and 50% fine sunflower chips.)
  • Hang thistle feeders near small bushes or trees with lower branches.

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