More About Squirrel Baffles


For the most part squirrels pretty much ignore a thistle bird feeder filled with just Nyjer thistle seed. But if you prefer tio use Wild Bird Habitat’s special Finch Mix you may need to consider protecting the that bird feeder from squirrels. Our Finch Mix is a blend of 99% pure Nyjer thistle seed and fine sunflower chips. It is those sunflower chips in the Finch Mix that will certainly get the attention of any squirrel who will more often than not figure out how to get to that feeder. And since Nyjer thistle feeders have seed ports too small for that pesky squirrel to extract the fine sunflower chips, they usually just chew a hole to reach their treat. Many of our Nyjer thistle feeders have warranties agains squirrel damage and we will repair them on-site at Wild Bird Habitat if you become an unfortunate victim this daylight robber.

Our recommendation is if you feed Wild Bird Habitat’s Finch Mix in your Nyjer thistle feeders, that you protect that feeder with a squirrel baffle. As I have said before there are many squirrel baffles on the market that only baffle a squirrel for a few minutes. At the Wild Bird Habitat Stores we have functional squirrel baffles for every pole or sheppard’s hook or hanging squirrel baffles if your bird feeder is in a tree. The squirrel baffles at Wild Bird Habitat are 99% effective. I would never commit to 100% as there is occasionally that one Olympian squirrel that that seems to defy all odds.

Wild Bird Habitat’s Finch Mix is an excellent blend of seeds preferred by Goldfinches. You may even encounter a woodpecker or Chickadee sneaking a meal with those added sunflower chips.

If squirrels are reaching any of your bird feeders ask our staff how to prevent it with a squirrel baffle. As many folks, as myself, enjoy these furry little rodents, they can consume large quantities of wild bird feed, keep birds at bay from coming to the bird feeders, and possibly destroy the feeder in their attempts to reach the pot of gold.

Wingtip: The brown enamel on the teeth of rodents such as squirrels, beaver, and mice, is extremely hard and very durable. It permits rodents the ability to gnaw on a variety of hard materials with out damaging their teeth.


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