Nebraska Checklist for GBBC

   Nebraska February Bird Checklist

  • Common birds found in Nebraska during February
  • Migrants, irruptive species, vagrants, and rarities may appear at any time
  • Weather may determine what birds are observed
Common Backyard birds of Nebraska

Red-tailed   Hawk

Mourning   Dove

Red-bellied   Woodpecker

Downy   Woodpecker

Hairy   Woodpecker

Northern   Flicker

Blue   Jay

American   Crow

Black-capped   Chickadee

White-breasted   Nuthatch

European   Starling

Northern   Cardinal

American   Tree Sparrow

Harris’s Sparrow

Dark-eyed   Junco

House   Finch

American   Goldfinch

House   Sparrow

Other common birds found in this region

Great   Blue Heron

Trumpeter Swan

Greater   White-fronted Goose

Snow   Goose

Canada   Goose

Wood   Duck

American   Green-winged Teal


Northern   Pintail

Northern   Shoveler


American   Wigeon



Ring-necked   Duck

Lesser   Scaup

Long-tailed   Duck

Common   Goldeneye


Common   Merganser

Ruddy   Duck

Turkey   Vulture

Bald   Eagle

Northern   Harrier

Sharp-shinned   Hawk

Cooper’s   Hawk

Northern   Goshawk

Ferruginous Hawk

Rough-legged   Hawk

Golden   Eagle

American   Kestrel

Prairie   Falcon

Gray   Partridge

Ring-necked   Pheasant

Greater Prairie-Chicken

Sharp-tailed   Grouse

Wild   Turkey

Northern   Bobwhite

American   Coot

Sandhill   Crane


Ring-billed   Gull

Herring   Gull

Rock   Dove (Pigeon)

Eurasian   Collared-Dove

Eastern   Screech-Owl

Great   Horned Owl

Barred   Owl

Belted   Kingfisher

Lewis’s Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker

Yellow-bellied   Sapsucker

Pileated   Woodpecker

Horned   Lark

Steller’s   Jay

Pinyon Jay

Black-billed   Magpie

Tufted   Titmouse

Red-breasted   Nuthatch

Pygmy   Nuthatch

Brown   Creeper

Carolina   Wren

Winter   Wren

Golden-crowned   Kinglet

Eastern   Bluebird

Townsend’s   Solitaire

American   Robin

Northern   Mockingbird

Cedar   Waxwing

Northern   Shrike

Loggerhead   Shrike

Field   Sparrow

Fox   Sparrow

Song   Sparrow

White-throated   Sparrow

White-crowned   Sparrow

Lapland   Longspur

Snow   Bunting

Red-winged   Blackbird

Eastern   Meadowlark

Western   Meadowlark

Rusty Blackbird

Brewer’s   Blackbird

Great-tailed   Grackle

Common   Grackle

Brown-headed   Cowbird

Gray-crowned   Rosy-Finch

Purple   Finch

Red   Crossbill

White-winged   Crossbill

Common   Redpoll

Pine   Siskin

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