Ground Bird Feeder 
Ground bird feeders are the perfect feeder for ground foraging birds such as native sparrows, juncos and doves. Also attractive to the more opportunistic birds such as Cardinals and Jays. These feeders keep the bird seed off the ground reducing spoilage. Besides being more sanitary for the birds it is also keeps debris off the ground and is easier to dispose of the shells.

  • Ground feeders are just that, feeders which sit on or near to the ground for ground foraging birds such as mourning doves, native sparrows, Juncos, and towhees.
  • Screen or perforated bottoms prevent water from standing in the feeder and allows the seed to air dry after rain & snow. Available with or without roofs.
  • Use safflower seed and white Proso millet in this feeder which will attract a variety of the birds you prefer while detering squirrels and the Common Grackles.(A good feeder for general wild bird mixes if squirrels are not a problem.)
  • A variety of other birds will also feed at ground level such as northern cardinals and house finch.
  • Keeps seed off the ground to prevent spoiling.
  • Can be located under an existing feeder to catch seeds dropped by birds.

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