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The Wild Bird Habitat Stores Voted Best of Lincoln for 2023

Since Alpha Media USA added a category for  ‘best backyard bird feeding retailer’ in 2021, the Wild Bird Habitat Stores have been voted the #1 place for Backyard Bird Feeding Supplies & Wild Bird Feed three years in a row. Thank you Lincoln and the surrounding area for supporting Wild Bird Habitat

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores are a family-owned independent backyard bird feeding retailer where we pride ourselves on offering quality proven products, information about birds and backyard bird feeding, and providing 5-star service to our customers in store or online. Since 1993 Wild Bird Habitat has been the recipient of numerous awards for supporting bird conservation, environmental education and outdoor birding recreation.  Reviews 

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Water in Winter is for the Birds

Providing Water in Winter For The Birds Winter is approaching and, as temperatures plunge below freezing, birds will have difficulty locating a...

Preparing for Changing Seasons

Have you ever wondered why when winter comes to Nebraska some birds migrate to warmer climates, many as far south as the...

More About Squirrel Baffles

SQUIRREL BAFFLES – For the most part squirrels pretty much ignore a thistle bird feeder filled with just Nyjer thistle seed. But...

Seven Basic Backyard Bird Feeder Series

Dave of the Wild Bird Habitat Stores published a series about the 7 Basic Backyard Bird Feeders. These different types of bird...

About Wild Bird Feeds

When we shop for groceries we often find ourselves reading labels to see what ingredients are in our food. When we purchase...

Bird Feed and Bird Feeder Guide by Bird Species

Birds Of The Backyard Wild Bird Feed & Bird Feeder Guide Selecting the right food for the right feeder for the right...

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For the busy birder – order you wild bird feed in advance / pre-pay /  ready to pick up when you arrive. Outside pick up available on request        THEN JUST GRAB & GO

To pre-order your wild bird feed for quick easy pickup at either Wild Bird Habitat Store  South Lincoln / Alamo Plaza / 56th & Hwy 2 (map)

  • Order online at SHOPWILDBIRDFEED.COM        (Online ordering at south location only)
  • Order south location at (402) 420-2553

 North Lincoln / 4900 Dudley Street   (map)

  • Order north location at (402) 464-4055                                       (no online service at north location)
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