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Hopper Bird Feeders

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Hopper Bird Feeders

Oasis w/Suet Baskets

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Wild Bird Habitat’s May Birding News

May in Nebraska is for the birds! Find all the birding events and activities across the state at

NEBRASKA BIRD MONTH – May 1 to 31, 2024

2nd Annual  Nebraska Birding Bowl May 1 – 31, 2024 

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and Audubon Great Plaines are hosting the second annual Nebraska Birding Bowl. How many birds can you find during the month of May. Enter one of the four categories from beginning to expert bird watcher, youth to adult. Then identify the birds in your backyard or anywhere across Nebraska with over $2000 in prizes awarded. Learn more and register at NEBRASKA BIRDING BOWL

For suggestions where to go birding in Nebraska for the Nebraska Birding Bowl check out the NEBRASKA BIRD GUIDE.But remember there are hundreds of birding sites across Nebraska  such as:NRD Lkaes, Waterfowl Production Areas, Wildlife Management Areas, Eastern Nebraska Saline Wetlands, and many more. Go out and enjoy exploring Nebraska’s rich birding heritage.

Become an eBirder for the Nebraska Birding Bowl

  • Join Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Audubon Great Plains to learn how to use eBird, a fantastic community science tool, for the Nebraska Birding Bowl and beyond.
  • The Nebraska Birding Bowl is a free and fun birding competition for all skill-levels during May. The event incorporates eBird to track your bird observations, while also contributing data for bird conservation.

Watch this eBird TUTORIAL  and become an eBirder for the Nebraska Birding Bowl & beyond – 

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores are a family-owned independent backyard bird feeding retailer where we pride ourselves on offering quality proven products, information about birds and backyard bird feeding, and providing 5-star service to our customers in store or online. Since 1993 Wild Bird Habitat has been the recipient of numerous awards for supporting bird conservation, environmental education and outdoor birding recreation.  Reviews 

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