Award Winning Wild Bird Habitat Stores

Nebraska’s Wild Bird habitat Stores are the recipients of numerous awards over our 25 years of business. These awards are a tribute to the fact that when you shop at the Wild Bird Habitat Stores you are helping to support bird conservation, environmental education, and outdoor birding recreation. We thank our customers for all their support that helps Wild Bird Habitat fullfill our mission.

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Since receiving the Best Backyard Bird Feeding Retailer Award in the U.S and Canada for a store under 1800 sq ft, Wild Bird Habitat expanded our south Lincoln, NE location from 1400 sq ft to 2800 sq ft in 2016. In the summer of 2018 Wild Bird Habitat moved and expanded our north Lincoln, NE store from 450 sq ft to 800 sq ft with a further expqansion of our north store planned in the future.


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