Daves July 2016 Bird Chatter

After the cool spring weather relented and it finally warmed up our migrating birds finally made it to their nesting grounds. Wrens seem to be successfully nesting. Purple Martins are fledging their young, and Bluebirds appear to be having a good season with many folks enjoying them for the first time after installing nest boxes….

The Blue Jay

This common, large songbird is familiar to many people, with its familiar crest; blue, white, and black plumage; and loud noisy calls. Blue Jays are members of the Corvids, known for their intelligence and complex social systems. They maintain tight family bonds. Their fondness for acorns has given them the nickname of the “harvester bird”….

Daves Bird Chatter January, 2016

January is the time of the year when winter storms can rapidly develop and approach with heavy snows and freezing temperatures. To date many parts of the country have been spared with unseasonably warmer temperatures and little precipitation. But when the snows do arrive they quickly cover many food sources for birds along with the…

Best Seed Tube & Nyjer Thistle Bird Feeders

If you want a quality bird feeder made in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty then checkout these seed tube and Nyjer thistle tube bird feeders. DROLL YANKEES                     ASPECTS Seed Tube Bird Feeders            Seed Tube Bird Feeders Nyjer Thistle Feeders                 Nyjer Thistle Feeders

Environmentally Friendly Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastics Although the durability and natural look of cedar bird feeders continue to be preferred, the new line of feeders made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic is gaining in popularity. Many of these bird feeders have a lifetime warranty against fading, pealing, cracking, and chipping. They clean…