Ground Bird Feeder

When I opened the Wild Bird Habitat Stores in 1993, there weren’t any commercially produced ground bird feeders on the market. At first, I just tossed wild bird feed on the ground for those birds that fed primarily on the ground. That included Mourning Doves, towhees, native sparrows, and juncos. Occasionally wood thrush and thrashers…

Hopper Bird Feeders

Published by Dave at the Wild Bird Habitat Stores Have you ever gone out to purchase a bird feeder and right away you are met with a various selection of styles and designs? It can seem like a mystery as to which feeder might work best for attracting the birds you desire. But did you…

Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Due to frigid temperatures, birds need to consume more food on a daily basis in winter. They have little body fat to store the energy they need to keep warm and move about. And when the temperatures plummet into the single digits and below they are often only 36 hours from starvation. A high fat diet…


Published by the Wild Bird Habitat Stores Swoosh! Out of the corner of my eye a blur of feathers catapults across my backyard powered by stiff, rapid wing beats. Blue Jays immediately sound the alarm. Their calls alert all the birds that haven’t yet taken flight or headed for cover as they bolt for safety….

How To Focus Binoculars

Central focusing binoculars have three moveable adjustment.
1. The first is called the interpupillary adjustment which means adjusting the barrels so the binoculars fit to the users particular eyespan. Begin by moving the eyepieces closer together or farther apart until they are comfortably in front of your eyes.

2. The second adjustment takes place at the center wheel, the focusing knob that moves both eyepieces at the same time. However since there is often a difference between the user’s two eyes a third adjustment is available to correct that difference.


OUR DOORS ARE OPEN The Wild Bird Habitat Stores wish to thank all our customers for their support over the past months during the Covid pandemic. We are open for ALL your shopping needs At this time we are not requiring but recommending masks for instore shopping We are now accepting our buckets & bottles…

Getting Ready for Winter Bird Feeding

Winter Bird Feeding By: Dave Titterington The Wild Bird Habitat Store October! A time of change. Winter will soon be settling in across the Central Great Plains and the signs are everywhere. Shorter daylight hours are changing the leaves from summer greens to autumn’s gold, red, and orange. The sweet aroma of a wood fire…

Landscaping for Birds

The landscaping of ones yard has taken on a new name called “birdscaping”. Providing natural foods that ripen at various times of the year is a benefit for resident and migratory birds. And creating shelter provides nest sites, cover from winter storms, and a place to escape predators. Fall is an excellent time for planting…

Why Do We Feed Birds—and Should We? A Q&A With the Experts

  Backyard bird feeding is the second most popular outdoor family activity in America, second only to gardening. And the activity of feeding birds continues to grow. So why do we feed birds?There are many reasons, but experts at the Cornell Bird Lab offer some insights into this topic.Read the entire article at Feeding Birds