Customer Comments About Wild Bird Habitat Store

Dear  Mr. Titterington,
The  UPS labels arrived yesterday. Thank you very much! I am so grateful to you for your courtesy that  I can’t wait for another opportunity to order some more bird equipment from you!
Sincerely, Louise – Palo Alto California
Dear Wild Bird Habitat Store:
Thank you very much! I received the parts specified yesterday and the finch feeder is back in action. I must take a moment to compliment the fine service of the Wild Bird Habitat Store. Obviously, I appreciate the warranty backing, but I sense that your customer care philosophy involves more than warranty support. As a life science teacher with Zoology and Biology degrees, my bird interest is more than casual. By the same token, I can see that your store strives to integrate the sale of your products with sound education and community support, which goes above and beyond what might be necessary or expected. That’s just the kind of business which I love to patronize! Congratulations on the clarity of your business model and keep up the good work. I look forward to contacting you in the future. Sincerely,
Robert Kennedy, Oconomowoc, WI

Good afternoon Wild Bird Habitat Store:
Since I started using NutraStaff, I have eliminated the pesky squirrels from my pole mounted “squirrel proof feeder”.
But it gets better. On recommendation from your store I bought a Brome Squirrel Buster Classic. This morning I had the distinct pleasure of watching a squirrel become frustrated and climbing all over this feeder trying to get at the seed. This squirrel must have been on the feeder for five minutes trying every which way to steal some seed. He tried chewing the wire cage, the bottom and the top of this “truly squirrel proof feeder”. FINALLY after all these years I have been able to thwart these seed thieving
fur coated bandits. You can add my testimony to both of these products and
thank you for your help.
Les, Lincoln, Nebraska

Hi Dave,
I hope you enjoyed my favorite quote by Tom Brown, Jr. Thank you for sending the white mister nozzle. It works great. I’ll be sure to make the Wild Bird Habitat Store my first choice for future on-line purchases.
Best regards,
Jack,  Hereford, PA
Hi Dave,
I really enjoyed our visit on the phone. I checked your website and clicked on the link that had the article in the Lincoln Journal Star.
Since I see Roger Tory Peterson’s book was your first guide, I thought you would like to read this article. As you scroll down to Tattered Inspiration you’ll recognize my name and how that book let me to birding.
Thanks again for being so helpful!
Theresa, Lake Arthur, LA

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