Fall Cleanup

Leave some Leaves

Autumn is definitely in the air and as temperatures begin to fall, so do the leaves. But before you rush out and scour the yard removing all the dead or dying organic matter from summer’s past, consider leaving some leafy debris under those shrubs and bushes. You’ll be surprised at the number of birds that will rout through this litter feeding on insects and larva that is wintering over. Not only does this provide a great food source for birds, it will also help to protect the plants from the frigid temperatures and provide nutrients as they decay. Many summer flowers and grasses that have gone to seed also provide a great natural food source for birds in your backyard. And all those sticks and branches that have been windblown out of the trees? Pile them up in a corner of your yard. Birds will retreat to this woody pile in times of bad weather and to escape predators.  A little less time spent cleaning up in the fall will provide you with more time to enjoy the birds you attract to your backyard.


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