More About Wild Bird Feeds

More About Wild Bird Habitat’s Quality Wild Bird Feeds

NutraSaff Safflower, also known as Golden Safflower, an extremely thin outer hull. Birds will have an easier time digesting and extracting the meal from NutraSaff safflower seeds. NutraSaff provides higher energy with less waste than traditional safflower. Here are more attributes and benefits:

  • Hulless – No Outer Hull
  • 15% Higher Seed Oil Content
  • 25% Higher Protein
  • 30% Higher Energy Content
  • Higher Digestibility
  • Less Mess at Bird Feeder
  • Birds Love Golden Safflower

Black Oil Sunflower Seed remains the most popular wild bird feed used. Wild Bird Habitat’s black oil sunflower seed is food grade quality, the same grade used by food processors of sunflower oil. Take the black oil sunflower seed challenge. Open 5 B/O seeds sold by Wild Bird Habitat then open 5 B/O seeds from the big box stores and you’ll seed the difference. Discounted black oil sunflower seeds are often immature, partially consumed by insect infestation, or under-developed from plant diseases. You may even find some void of a kernel.

Nyjer Thistle Seed is imported from India and Ethiopia and sterilized by heat to prevent germination. This process creates a shelf-life of five to six months after which the finches will ignore it. Many chain retailers of wild bird feeds may warehouse Nyjer seed for a year or more before it reaches the shelf for the consumer. Wild Bird Habitat receives Nyjer thistle seed within days of reaching North America and stocked fresh weekly. Wild Bird Habitat also pays extra to have our Nyjer seed double screened to remove foreign debris, dust, and immature seeds that bird will not eat.

General Wild Bird & Specialty Mixes offered by Wild Bird Habitat are of the highest quality food grade seeds that are preferred by backyard birds. Most processors of wild bird feeds select products rejected by the food industry and then add fillers such as Milo, wheat, barley and weed seeds that backyard birds do not eat. This may seem to make the cost of feeding birds more affordable, but as much as half can be rejected by birds driving the cost of that economical bag up.

Nebraska’s Wild Bird Habitat Stores stock only the finest wild bird feeds and mixes available from Des Moines Feed, a family owned and managed business since 1944. Des Moines Feed is a major distributor and manufacturer of bird seed and other commodities nationwide paying close attention to the quality of their products, Our wild bird feeds contain food grade products and, better yet, are all non-MGO making it safer and healthier for backyard bird feeding. Tell a friend about our quality wild bird feeds. The birds will appreciate it.

Wild Bird Habitat sells more than just wild bird feed. We special order pigeon feed, poultry feed, and caged bird feed. Also available are deer and wildlife mixes and blocks, salt blocks,food plot mixes, along with some small animal feeds. With fresh deliveries of wild bird feeds arriving two to three times weekly your special order will arrive with-in one to two days. Ask our staff to see our full line of products available from Des Moines Feed.

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