No Child Left Inside

No Child Left Inside, Connecting Our Kids With Nature
Support the “No Child Left Inside Act”

Are America’s children environmentally literate? Today’s overscheduled kids are increasingly “plugged in” to electronic devices and media, while at the same time unplugged from the fundamental and formative experience of nature in their own neighborhood. Their senses–including, sadly, their sense of wonder–are bombarded, overwhelmed and ultimately diminished.On top of this “nature deficit disorder,” many schools are being forced to scale back or eliminate environmental education programs. Fewer and fewer students are able to take part in class activities that connect them with nature.
But a new bill in Congress has set out to change this!

Submit your letter to your state Senator to support the No Child Left Inside Act.

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores are supporters of environmental education for our children. As technology and multi-media products become a major influence, our children are spending less time outdoors participating in unstructured playtime. Our concern is as children spend less time in nature and learning and playing in the natural community that surrounds them, the next generation of adults, and those that follow, will be less aware of the needs and benefits of conservation.

For more information on what has been dubbed “Nature Deficit Dissorder” by author Richard Louv, consider reading Last Child In The Woods.

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