Our Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders


Wild Bird Habitat has one of the largest selection of squirrel proof bird feeders you’ll find anywhere. Any wild bird feed or mix of wild bird feeds are appropriate for these bird feeders. Our Brome Bird Care “Squirrel Buster Classic” is one of our top sellers with full warranty. We have a variety of Brome Bird Care squirrel proof bird feeders in stock. Droll Yankee has a selection of squirrel proof bird feeders as well with full lifetime warranties. Check out Wild Bird Habitat’s line of squirrel proof bird feeders. The one I particularly like is the Arundale Sky Café. This is a large capacity bird feeder that is squirrel proof. An optional wire guard is available to deter larger birds such as blackbirds. There are even dividers you can put in the hopper which allows you to offer 4 different kinds of wild bird feeds. Ask our staff about our squirrel proof bird feeders.

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