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Platform Bird Feeder

Elevated platform bird feeders are another of the non-exclusive bird feeders. It does not exclude any birds. Large and small birds alike can access it very easily along with some birds that typically feed on the ground.

  • A non-exclusive bird feeder that is very versatile.
  • Can be hung or mounted on a pole or post. Some have a roof to protect the seed from inclement weather. Screen or perforated steel or nylon bottoms prevent water from accumulating in the feeder and helps to dry out seed if it becomes wet.
  • Available in a variety of durable materials. (Cedar, metal, recycled plastic and acrylic)
  • Recommended feeds: Black oil sunflower seed, safflower seed, sunflower hearts, or any nut based mix combination. Also a good feeder to use with general wild bird mixes.
  • Excellent bird feeder for peanuts in the shell, shelled peanuts, meal worms, and fruits

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