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Suet Logs & Attractor Suet Plugs

The Woodpecker Suet Log feeder is as individual as the birds it will feed. All Woodpecker Suet Log feeders are made from recycled trees cut from forest fire areas.  5% of the profits from the sale of the Woodpecker Suet Log is donated to wild birds and their habitats.
  For best results, the Woodpecker Suet Log should be hung in shade close to or in a tree, near cover or where birds are being fed. On occasion birds will have difficulty finding or recognizing a new feeder as a food source. If after three or four weeks no peck marks are present, move feeder to other locations until birds find it Once found and used for a short time, it may then be moved to a more convenient location, but not out of sight from where they found it (Small moves help).  Do not hang suet in constant direct sunlight except in winter. Over time, more and more birds will appear at your Woodpecker and if fed year round, parents will introduce their fledglings to the Woodpecker. The Woodpecker was designed to feed birds in the natural way. This feeding method displays birds wonderfully for your viewing enjoyment
  It is recommended refilling the Woodpecker with one of the four available mixtures of Attractor Nutritional Suet Plugs, (Pure, Roasted Peanut, sunflower heart, no-melt peanut butter Attractor plugs. Slide the Attractor Plugs into an empty hole, then PRESS ends together with palm of hands or thumbs. This will seat the plug in the hole. Attractor Plugs are specially made from high quality non-rendered beef suet with a nutritional supplement of essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and protein added to ensure healthy birds and keep them coming back for more. (Please don’t be tricked into buying cheap imitation that may feed birds to death because they are not full of vitamins and minerals.)

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