Vulture Exhibit Completed

Pepper the Turkey Vulture is a much happier bird today with plenty of room to spread his 5 foot wings. The Wild Bird Habitat Stores funded and constructed new living quarters for the vulture at the Pioneers Park Nature Center. Other contributors to the project were Todd Rivers of Rivers Metal Products and Lincoln City Parks & Rec. Pepper has made numerous guest appearances at the Wild Bird Habitat Stores and is a favorite on outreach programs by the Nature Center staff. The vulture is a non-releasable educational bird approximately 8 years old. Turkey Vultures have a life span of 40 plus years, although in the wild it is usually less than half that. A new shelter will soon be installed along with permanent perches. We hope the citizens of Lincoln will enjoy the exhibit for years to come. When you shop Wild Bird Habitat you help support conservation, nature education, and outdoor recreation with every purchase.                          

Thank you, Dave


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