Wildlife Rescue Inc.

a black banner that reads Wildlife Rescue Team Inc. To the left of there is a circular image with two hands. One handholds a squirrel and the other a bird with an open mouth
Helping injured, orphaned and abandoned wildlife in the state of Nebraska since 1979.

Working under state and federal permits, Wildlife Rescue Team, Inc. is a non-profit, independent, all volunteer-based organization dedicated to raising and rehabilitating Nebraska’s orphaned and injured wildlife for the eventual release back into their natural habitat.
Wildlife Rescue Team, Inc. operates with no federal, state or city funding, but depends totally upon private contributions, membership fees and donations of supplies and services. No salaries are paid to any member of WRT.
Wildlife Rescue Hotline: (402) 473-1951

Nestling songbirds: If a bird is not feathered, it has probably fallen from its nest and/or the nest itself fell down in a storm. If you can put the bird and the nest back up in the tree or area where the nest came from, please do that. You can also take a plastic bucket/flower pot/ice cream container and poke holes in the bottom for drainage. Put the original nesting materials and/or something paper (paper towels, newspaper, toilet paper, shredded paper) and place the plastic item back up in the tree. You will need to secure it, so that the next storm or windy day cannot blow it down. The parent birds are probably watching you, and will return to their babies if they are able. If you do NOT see parent activity around the nest after several hours, call WRT. Remember – songbirds can NOT smell, so you can pick up the birds with your bare hands and put them in a container. If you feel better about it, feel free to use gloves or a towel.
Fledgling Songbirds: A bird who is fully feathered with evidence of tail feathers, hopping on the ground but unable to fly, should be left alone. They are called fledglings and are learning to fly. Their parents will care for them while they learn to fly and their feathers continue to “grow”. This process can take a few days. Keep children and pets away. If you watch and/or listen to the birds, and over the course of several hours, the parents have not returned, the fledgling might need help. Call WRT.
Raptors: We are not permitted to do raptors. Please contact Raptor Recovery Nebraska at (402) 994-2009
All injured or orphaned wildlife brought to the zoo, Animal Control, or rescued by citizens are taken to Wildlife Rescue, Inc. The annual cost for this valuable service to our birds and other wildlife exceeds $10,000. You can help by becoming a member of Wildlife Rescue Inc. or by making a tax deductible donation at any Wild Bird Habitat Store or online at http://www.wildliferescueteamincne.org  Or, send your donations to: WRT / P.O. Box 80127 / Lincoln, Ne 68501

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