Tips On Using Squirrel Baffles

Post Mounted Squirrel Baffles

1. Select a location that is at least 7’ to 8’ from any structure that a squirrel could climb up and jump over from – garden walls, sheds, stumps, deck railings, etc. The best baffle in the world will not work if your squirrels have a “Plan B”!

2. Make sure you place the squirrel baffle on the pole so its top is at least 4’ up from the ground, preferably right under the feeder itself.

3. If you have a hanging feeder on a shepherd’s crook pole, place the baffle so that it is 4’ up from the ground but not so high that the squirrels can jump from the pole beneath the baffle to the feeder.

Hanging Squirrel Baffles

1. Select a branch that is high enough so that the bottom of the feeder is at least 4’ from the ground, and long enough to allow placing the feeder 7’ to 8’ from the trunk of the tree.


2. Suspend the baffle from a branch hook or chain that is at least 18” – 24” long and hang the feeder underneath the baffle.

All squirrel baffles that are sold by the Wild Bird Habitat Store are guaranteed to work if properly installed.

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