Attracting Orioles

Attracting orioles to your backyard is relatively easy provided you follow a few tips that have proven to be successful.

Orioles begin arriving across the middle-United States about April 25th. Timing is very important when trying to attract them to various feeders.  Migrating at night they are normally cold, tired and hungry upon their arrival. This is why timing is so important and the feeders should be ready before they migrate back. It is wise to put the feeders out approximately one week prior to their average arrival time.  To do so after you see them in your yard may take a little more time to entice them to the feeder. This preparedness may mean changing the nectar or replacing the oranges and grape jelly several times to maintain freshness. Orioles are attracted to nectar the same as hummingbirds, but readily come to orange halves and other citrus fruit as well as grape jelly. It is quite common to have several orioles on a feeder with grape jelly at one time. But be prepared. Once they have located the jelly, orioles can consume more than a pound per week. Make certain however it is jelly and not jam. Jelly contains more sugar. Certain commercial suets such as, Suet Dough, Raisin Delight, and Orange Delight as well as other berry flavors is attractive and will help provide the mineral needs during the nesting season. You may group these products close to each other giving them several choices of their favorite foods.

As with feeding hummingbirds, these foods should be kept fresh and clean.  And remember, timing is essential. Many birders have followed these hints and have enjoyed good success.

Note: Orioles nest high in the treetops, so having habitat containing large mature trees in your area will greatly enhance the ability to attract them.

Orange, Jelly, and Nectar Oriole Feeders

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