Nebraska! One Of The Last Great Prairies
Encounter some of the largest remaining tracts of prairie in North America and see 
• The largest concentration of Greater Prairie-Chickens in the Central Great Plains
• A large numbers of Great Plains Sharp-tailed Grouse & Long-billed Curlew
• Ferruginous Hawks, prairie-dogs, Burrowing Owls, , pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and more. 
    photo by Michael Forsberg
Explore The Diversity Of Nebraska
• Four types of native prairie, riparian forests, pine-rimmed bluffs, Sandhills
meadows and marshes, rugged badlands, and steep canyons.
• Enjoy four distinct seasons, each with its own unique recreational opportunities.
• Walk through original wagon wheel ruts along the Oregon Trail.
• Discover the rich Native American heritage of Plains Indian tribes.
Photo by Dave Titterington 

Relax In Nebraska’s Wide Open Spaces
• More than 19,300 square miles of Sandhill prairie, stretching 265 miles.
• Historical scenic rivers and thousands of miles of lake shorelines
• Starlit night skies from horizon to horizon.
• Magnificent sunsets over endless, unobstructed skylines.
• The sounds of beautiful birdsongs and haunting coyote howls.
Photo by Dave Titterington

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