Will You Be Ready for the Hummingbirds?

The Wild Bird Habitat Store recommends having your hummingbird feeders ready by the first week of August. Hummingbirds, primarily the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, occur in our area from July 30 to October 8 on their return trip south. Hard to believe we are already talking about fall migration. But hummingbirds lead the way with songbirds close behind. It is much easier to attract hummingbirds on their trip south. This is a more relaxed trek for the hummers having completed the nesting season. By late summer the flowers are in full bloom providing the carbohydrates needed for energy. Insects have become abundant which is the hummingbirds main source of protein. Since they eat small insects be careful when using pesticides or you may eliminate their food supply. So get ready to enjoy these little jewels by months end. Have your nectar feeders out and keep it fresh.

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